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Sending a strong message: Copenhagen Climate Conference

On Monday, December 7, Saanich Council will consider a resolution regarding the international climate conference in Copenhagen (the text of the resolution is below).

The resolution is timely for two reasons: 1) The conference begins on December 7; 2) Saanich will adopt its Climate Action Plan in the coming weeks.

The resolution acknowledges the important role local governments play in the climate challenge. As much as 50 per cent of greenhouse gas emission sources fall within the municipal sphere of influence (energy conservation, waste reduction, building retrofits, transit, walking, cycling, water conservation).

Saanich has an opportunity to convey to the Government of Canada, on behalf of Saanich citizens and businesses, the importance of Canada’s role in the climate challenge and the need for a renewed binding international agreement.

If you want Saanich Council to send a strong message to the federal Government to commit to a new binding international climate agreement, please send emails or letters of support to council@saanich.ca;

Mayor and Council
District of Saanich
770 Vernon Ave
Victoria, BC, V8X 2W7

The climate challenge is our common challenge. Let’s encourage our government to take action now.

Saanich Resolution:
WHEREAS a global reduction in the emissions of carbon dioxide (C02) and its significant contribution to the creation of greenhouse gases (GHG) is necessary to slow climate change and reduce the risks to our economy, human health, the physical environment and quality of life;

WHEREAS reducing GHG makes economic sense. New and improved infrastructure, renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, energy conservation, waste reduction, building retrofits, transit, walking, cycling, water conservation, better fleet management, more effective wastewater treatment and distribution, etc. can reduce short-term and/or long-term municipal operating costs and help maintain community services, while having a positive impact on the environment;

WHEREAS the impacts of climate change as well as the responsibility for mitigation will fall primarily on the municipality;

WHEREAS from December 7 to 18, 2009, governments from around the world will meet in Copenhagen, Denmark to negotiate terms and conditions of a global climate agreement for the period after 2012 (ie: after the Kyoto Protocol) and it is critical that Canada has the support it needs during these negotiations to conclude negotiations;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the District of Saanich send a strong message to the Government of Canada conveying the importance to the citizens and businesses of the District of Saanich of a world-wide climate agreement; that the Government of Canada should take a pivotal role in meeting the Global Climate Challenge; and that the Government of Canada should agree to sign a new binding international agreement.