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Proud to be endorsed by Conservation Voters of BC

Conservation Voters of BC announces 2011 municipal endorsements

November 15, 2011 – Today the Conservation Voters of BC announced its endorsements for the upcoming November 19th municipal elections in BC. Conservation Voters of BC has a proven track record of helping elect environmental champions across party lines.

“It’s really inspiring to see so many strong environmental champions running throughout BC this year,” said Kevin Washbrook, a director with Conservation Voters of BC. “We’re only able to endorse some key candidates brought to our attention, but there are more out there and we encourage environmentally-minded voters with to seek them out and vote for them.”

Many of the upcoming civic elections are expected to be close contests. “We’re hearing from lots of citizens who are excited to vote in these elections, because they have an impact on their daily lives,” said Lisa Matthaus, a director with Conservation Voters of BC. “Civic elections are about issues that concern us all, and we’re encouraging everyone to get out and vote!”

Municipal government decisions and actions have a big impact on our environment. To take just one example, Canadian municipal governments have direct or indirect control of approximately 44 per cent of heat trapping greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming.(1) They are also important actors in water conservation, public transit, land use and food security. Conservation Voters of BC strongly encourages voters who care about the environment to get out and vote in this year’s municipal elections, especially because so many candidates are explicitly highlighting their environmental track records and values.

Conservation Voters of BC is a volunteer-run, non-partisan organization working to elect environmental champions from all parties to municipal, provincial and federal offices. We are non-partisan in that we believe environmentally minded candidates can do good work within all of B.C.’s major parties. Thirty-five of the 46 candidates we have endorsed have been elected in seven previous federal, provincial and municipal elections.

For more information on Conservation Voters go to http://www.conservationvoters.ca/.

CVBC 2011 Municipal Endorsements:

David Cubberley (Mayor)
Judy Brownoff
Dean Murdock
Rob Wickson
Harald Wolf
Vicki Sanders

Aligned with Dogwood’s values

Saanich Elections

The Saanich municipal election is shaping up to be one of the tightest races in the region.

We’re focusing on Saanich because it is a regional powerhouse and has a huge influence over how the entire region manages its air, land and water.

Our mayors and councilors have a lot of power. For example, our local leaders can help stop the expansion of oil tankers on the south coast. They can also determine if our communities will preserve farmland and prioritize local food production.

We know municipal elections can be confusing, so we did a survey of all the election candidates in Saanich to find out which ones most closely align with our campaigns against oil tankers and urban sprawl.

These are the candidates who scored the most points in our survey:

David Cubberley

Judy Brownoff
Dean Murdock
Vic Derman
Harald Wolf
Paul Gerrard
Vicki Sanders