Amazing Places #44 Reinventing our streets w/ Kevin Krizek & David King

Episode 44 of Amazing Places! What is the future of our streets? How about a little variety? Cars have been the dominant use of the roads for a century. As we enter an era of experimenting with different ways of using our streets, we realize their untapped potential for community benefit. This week, I’m joined by Kevin Krizek, Professor of Environmental Design at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and David King, Urban Planning faculty at Arizona State University. Kevin and David share their vision for prioritizing multi-modal transport systems that promote access.

Check out some of Kevin and David’s research and ideas:

Advanced Introduction to Urban Transport Planning:

The Future of Streets:

How the COVID-19 pandemic can reshape our streets and relationship to cars:

This Is Our Chance to Reclaim Cities from Cars:

The power of reforming streets to boost access for human-scaled vehicles:

VIEWPOINT: Accelerating reform to govern streets in support of human-scaled accessibility:

Viewpoint: Visioning transport futures through windows of opportunity: changing streets and human-scaled networks:

Streets Are Arable Lands Lying Fallow:

Can street-focused emergency response measures trigger a transition to new transport systems?