Let’s work together


Let’s look beyond the problem. I work with your organization, group or team to create a safe and collaborative environment for conversations that lead to solutions.

Community Engagement

Your proposal is meeting resistance. Let’s shift gears and have a conversation about what works in the appropriate context. I work with you and community members to identify the path forward that moves your proposal from resistance to approval.


Is your plan or program on the right track? It’s time for a temperature check with stakeholders. I work with you to create an avenue for feedback so your plan or program hits all the right notes.

Strategic Planning

Setting priorities and focusing your energy on success. You know where you want to go, let’s get everyone rowing in the same direction. I work with your organization, group or team to identify a vision, goals and actions that can be communicated internally and to your stakeholders.


Your decision-makers are mired in details way below their paygrade. Decisions and approvals are stuck in endless review cycles. I work with your organization, group or team to sort out how decisions are made and who makes them.