Victoria and Saanich Councils support interim fixes to speed up transit trips

Councils debate state of bus service in Saanich and Victoria
CFAX 1070 February 29 2012

B-C Transit provided an update on its planning for a light rail rapid transit line to a special joint meeting of Saanich and Victoria Councils…but most of the politicians seemed more interested in what can be done to improve bus movements right now.

Victoria Councillor Pam Madoff was the only one who actually used the word “disappointed” in how little has changed since the last Council update on rapid transit. The current time frame suggests there might be a line built in four to six years…some Councillors, such as Saanich’s Leif Wergeland, fear it’s more likely 10 or 20 years, and he wondered what plan “B” is in the meantime.

Dean Murdock agreed that some interim measures need to be taken…

“…begin planning for some of those interim steps that are going to free up the congestion in some of those corridors, while we continue to plan , uh, towards a bigger plan for, ah, rapid transit. I’ll be discussing that with some of the, some of my fellow councillors to see what we can bring forward in the very near future to get that started”

Interim measures could include extending a transit traffic signal exchange program, currently under development on Douglas Street, to other important bus routes; and more and longer cue-jumper lanes for busses.