The Climate Challenge: The importance of Canada’s role

Ottawa should step up, Councillor says
By Keith Vass – Saanich News

Saanich council will consider a motion asking the federal government to commit to a new binding international carbon emissions treaty.

The recommendation from the Environmental Advisory Committee will come to council Monday, the same day the United Nations Climate Change Conference opens in Copenhagen.

The draft motion calls for Saanich to tell Ottawa that “the Government of Canada should take a pivotal role in meeting the Global Climate Challenge” and sign a new binding international agreement.

Committee vice-chair, Coun. Dean Murdock said the effects of climate change will be felt most sharply at the local level and the costs of mitigation will fall to municipal governments.

“Saanich has an opportunity to convey to the government of Canada, on behalf of Saanich citizens and businesses, the importance of Canada’s role in the climate challenge,” he said.