Sidewalk, bike lanes, and trail spending

Saanich budget discussions focus on engineering-related spending Tuesday
CFAX 1070 March 6, 2012

Saanich continued budget discussions Tuesday night, with a focus on engineering-related spending.

Saanich Councillor Dean Murdock says the replacement of the Craigflower Bridge was one item discussed.

“that’s a project that will get underway this year, it’s valued at about 10.8 million dollars, and that’s almost entirely covered by gas tax revenue that was given to Saanich and View Royal for the replacement of the Craigflower Bridge”

Murdock says 3.5 million is being looked at for road improvements, 1 million for sidewalk upgrades and installations and 1 million for bike lanes on roadways and trails.

Murdock says the police budget was discussed Monday night. He says at 28 million dollars the police budget represents just over 12% of their annual municipal budget.

He says budget discussions will continue until the end of April with final approval of the financial plan by-law in May.