Seeking interim improvements to get commuters moving

Saanich Council supports report on Douglas Corridor traffic improvements
CFAX 1070 March 26, 2012

A report authored by engineering staff on traffic improvements proposed for the Douglas Corridor received unanimous support from Saanich Council Monday night.

Saanich Councillor Dean Murdock says council wants to ensure that this issue is a priority.

“I hear from commuters that travel along Douglas and all our major corridors, that we can’t wait for a rapid transit system to begin addressing traffic, we have to start implementing changes now, to get people moving”

Murdock explains what potential changes to the corridor are being considered.

“so that could possibly include HOV lanes or bus priority lanes, particularly during peak hours, cue jumper lanes that allow the buses to move past traffic at intersections, and signal coordination, all along Douglas, so that buses can move seamlessly from one end of the corridor through to the other without getting stuck in line-ups”

Murdock says they would ensure that any changes would compliment a rapid transit line in the future.

Traffic improvements in the Douglas Corridor are being planned for in conjunction with BC Transit and the City of Victoria.