Saanich Council unanimously supports creation of local food policy

Saanich council supports local food policy
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Saanich Council passed a motion Monday night to support local food producers.

Councillor Dean Murdock says the recommendation from the Healthy Saanich Advisory Committee to develop a local food procurement policy was supported unanimously.

“The policy when it’s designed and implemented will give preference to local food producers in the region for our food services and events in Saanich … obviously we can’t get one hundred per cent, but for example, when we need tomatoes, rather than bring in tomatoes from California or Mexico, we’ll do tomatoes that are grown locally.”

Next staff will develop the specifics of the policy. One of the questions to be answered is how far away will still be considered local.

Murdock says he is hopefull the policy will be in place by the fall, and certainly expects it to be in place by the new year. He says community feedback indicates concern for food security and he thinks this is one step Saanich can take to improve local food security.