Greening Saanich rooftops

Saanich to consider encouraging green roofs for future developments
CFAX 1070 February 12, 2012

Roofs in Saanich could get a little greener, this after council supported a recommendation on considering the encouragement of including rooftop gardens on multi-family or commercial developments in the district.

Councillor Dean Murdock says the recommendation was brought forward by the Healthy Saanich Advisory Committee, and was supported unanimously.

“it was, I think, a very healthy discussion about some of the outcomes, both expected and unanticipated about including green roofs, and making sure that before we move forward we have a careful look at what the options are, what the impacts are in it, both financial and social and of course having discussion with industry experts about exactly what the conditions would be for West Coast buildings to have green roofs”

Murdock says it is an opportunity to encourage food security, by creating additional green space and growing opportunities in the community. He says there are also environmental benefits to green roofs as they capture storm water, and they help to save energy by keeping hot and cool air inside buildings.