Donate to Save Madrona Farm!

The Friends of Madrona Society has entered into an agreement with The Land Conservancy of BC (TLC) to purchase Madrona Farm. Friends of Madrona Society must raise $2,500,000; of which a substantial amount will be donated by the landowner. TLC’s mission is to ensure that the agricultural productivity and ecological values of Madrona Farm are protected forever. This fundraising campaign for the purchase of the farm by the community it serves, and the placement of the farm in the hands of a land trust, will be the first of its kind in BC, and part of the solution for local food security.

One of TLC’s mandates is to protect farmland for farming – a big step toward local food security and agricultural land preservation.

The Friends of Madrona Society needs support. Together we can ensure that Madrona Farm will remain in local food production forever. We will send a clear message about the importance of locally grown, nutritious food to our health and the well-being of our community. Become a Friend of Madrona Farm and help us protect farm land – forever.

Please make your donation now! Online at:

Also, the Friends of Madrona Society applied for a community grant of $50 to 250,000, and they need people to cast votes for the project at the following link:

For more information on Madrona Farm, please visit: