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#10 Ahead of its time – Colwood’s Ocean Blvd experiment w/ Gordie Logan

Episode 10 of Amazing Places! This week, long-time Colwood City Councillor Gordie Logan joins the podcast. We discuss that City’s temporary closure of Ocean Boulevard to vehicle traffic. The move inspired scores of families, visitors and even food trucks to descend on the newly-opened pedestrian-only space. Why then did Council voted to re-open the road in mid-September? We find out this week, on the Amazing Places.

Check out the story here:

Here’s Gordie’s bio:

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#9 We’re in the driver’s seat! How can we eliminate injury and death on our roads? w/ Neil Arason

Episode nine of the Amazing Places! This week Neil Arason, author of No Accident: Eliminating Injury and Death on Canadian Roads joins the podcast to discuss road safety for all road users. We take a look at proposed changes to Prospect Lake rd, discuss why slower speeds save lives, and how communities can achieve Vision Zero.

Here’s the story on the changes to Prospect Lake rd:

Check out Neil’s Book:

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#8 Be bold! Re-leveling our streets as public space w/ Patrick Johnstone

Episode eight of the Amazing Places! This week two-term New Westminster City Councillor Patrick Johnstone joins the podcast. We take a look at some of initiatives that community is trying to re-level the balance between car use and other users for public space in the City.

Find out more about what Patrick and his colleagues are up to:

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#7 Cheers! Celebrating Greater Victoria’s Craft Beer Culture w/ Cora Barber, Gary Lindsay, Ryan Orr and Dave Dickson

Episode seven of the Amazing Places! A special episode celebrating Greater Victoria’s craft beer culture. This week our guests are Cora Barber from Lighthouse, Gary Lindsay from Driftwood, Ryan Orr from Sooke Ocean Brewery (SOB) and Dave Dickson from Hoyne.

The brewers discuss supporting their communities, the support they get from their communities, a future for patios and more tasting space, and what makes Greater Victoria’s craft beer culture so special.

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#6 A little bit quirky! Placemaking in our communities w/ Michelle Mulder

Episode six on the Amazing Places! This week, Michelle Mulder, author of Home Sweet Neighbourhood: Transforming Cities One Block at a Time, joins the podcast to discuss Placemaking in Greater Victoria and around the world. From small, low-cost changes in your neighbourhood to large infrastructure projects, Placemaking transforms places to draw people together.

Check out Michelle’s book:

You can also check out Michelle’s website:

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#5 The future is local w/ Thomas Guerrero

Episode 5 of the Amazing Places podcast! Greater Victoria’s response to COVID-19 has produced many changes. Some of which may have lasting effects. In this episode, Thomas Guerrero of Sidewalking Victoria joins the podcast to discuss the new urbanism that’s emerging. Is this the end of Commuter Culture? Are mandatory parking minimums a thing of the past?

You can find Sidewalking Victoria here:

Or on Twitter:

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Even on Facebook:

Here’s a news story about Edmonton’s decision to scrap parking minimums:

And here’s one about New Zealand:

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#4 Walkable communities w/ Alix Tier

Episode 4 of the Amazing Places! Does creating more walkable neighbourhoods really have to be a war on the car? This week, Alix Tier from BEST – Better Environmentally Sound Transportation, joins the podcast to discuss Living Streets. We look at small, affordable changes communities can make to improve walkability for pedestrians and make life a little better for all users.

Be sure to take the Living Streets survey to win a prize!

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#3 Urban green spaces w/ Ned Taylor

Episode 3 of the Amazing Places podcast! We know about the importance of parks and green spaces for our health and well-being, and as places for people to get together or seek refuge and solitude. Should that include food trucks and alcohol? In this episode, Saanich Councillor Ned Taylor joins the podcast to discuss changes to Saanich’s parks to make them more dynamic places. We also touch on creating new, “pocket parks” in places where green spaces are lacking.

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#2 Just try it! Will pilot projects define the new normal? w/ Travis Paterson

Episode 2 of Amazing Places! Will the loss of 4 parking spots put Oak Bay shops out of business? Patios replace parking in Fernwood. Will pilot projects define the new normal? Black Press Report Travis Paterson joins the podcast this week to share his perspective on what’s going on for shop owners and patrons in Oak Bay and Fernwood.

Check out Travis’s article here:

Owners say loss of parking pushes businesses to the brink

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#1 Re-imagining our public spaces w/ Dr. Teale Phelps Bondaroff

Episode 1 of Amazing Places! My first guest is Dr. Teale Phelps Bondaroff. Give up parking for patios? Expand trails for “social cycling?” We discuss the “new normal” and repurposing our public spaces.
You can check out our Times Colonist Op-Ed here:
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