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Amazing Places #51 Places for people w/ Lorne Daniel and Ray Straatsma

Episode 51 of Amazing Places! Placemaking is all about creating people-centred places. This week, Lorne Daniel and Ray Straatsma of the Greater Victoria Placemaking Network join the podcast to discuss the benefits of “sticky places” where people want to spend time together.
Lorne Daniel is the founder of the Greater Victoria Pacemaking Network. Ray Straatsma is the Chair and long-time board member.
Check out the Greater Victoria Placemaking Network:

Amazing Places #50 Tilting toward affordability w/ Lisa Helps

Episode 50 of Amazing Places! This week we’re celebrating 1 year of the podcast with our 50th episode. Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps returns to the podcast this week to talk about tilting toward affordability in Victoria. We discuss her recent blog post and ideas about the zoning process and ways to shorten the protracted approval process with the intent of creating more housing for people in Victoria.

Amazing Places Celebrating 1 year of Amazing Places Podcast!

This week we celebrate 1 year of Amazing Places Podcast! What have been your favourite episodes and topics, and what do you want to hear more of? Send me a tweet or facebook message:

Amazing Places #49 The future is mobile w/ Todd Litman

Episode 49 of Amazing Places! New mobility technologies allow people to scoot, ride, and maybe even fly like never before. However, they can also impose surprising problems. How should communities prepare?

Todd Litman, Executive Director of Victoria Transport Policy Institute, is the author of a new book – “New Mobilities: Smart Planning for Emerging Transportation Technologies”

“Planning for New Mobilities: Preparing for Innovative Transportation Technologies and Services”

Amazing Places #48 Reclamation & Indigenous Resurgence w/ Dr. Jeff Corntassel

Episode 48 of Amazing Places! Reclaiming the Indigenous names of significant places is a small but meaningful step of Reconciliation. This week, Dr. Jeff Corntassel joins the podcast to talk about the importance of the land and the names it’s given. We also discuss July 1 as a day of reflection and mourning.

Dr. Jeff Corntassel is a citizen of Cherokee Nation, Associate Professor of Indigenous Studies and Associate Director of UVic’s Centre for Indigenous Research and Community-led Engagement

Amazing Places #47 Challenging Victoria’s Community Associations w/ Dr. Jeremy Caradonna & Alieda Blandford

Episode 47 of Amazing Places! What’s the role of the community association? Do they really represent their communities? Dr. Jeremy Caradonna and Alieda Blandford are rocking the boat in Fernwood. With a scathing op-ed and the launch of Fernwood Forward, they’re on a mission to challenge the Fernwood Community Association.

Check out Jeremy’s op-ed in the Capital Daily:

Amazing Places #46 Regional transportation solutions w/ Rebecca Mersereau

Episode 46 of Amazing Places! Does the South Island need a TransLink? This week, Rebecca Mersereau, Saanich Councillor & CRD Board Vice Chair is my guest. We discuss the region’s transportation priorities. Is this our chance to solve the the South Island’s transportation challenges? Is a new transportation authority in the cards?

Amazing Places #45 Housing crisis solutions w/ Leo Spalteholz

Episode 45 of Amazing Places!How can we change this housing crisis we’re in? My guest this week is Leo Spalteholz, analyst at House Hunt Victoria and contributor to Homes for Living. We discuss solutions to Greater Victoria’s housing crisis.

Check out Leo’s blog, House Hunt Victoria:

Leo’s housing advocacy group, Homes for Living:

Amazing Places #44 Reinventing our streets w/ Kevin Krizek & David King

Episode 44 of Amazing Places! What is the future of our streets? How about a little variety? Cars have been the dominant use of the roads for a century. As we enter an era of experimenting with different ways of using our streets, we realize their untapped potential for community benefit. This week, I’m joined by Kevin Krizek, Professor of Environmental Design at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and David King, Urban Planning faculty at Arizona State University. Kevin and David share their vision for prioritizing multi-modal transport systems that promote access.

Check out some of Kevin and David’s research and ideas:

Advanced Introduction to Urban Transport Planning:

The Future of Streets:

How the COVID-19 pandemic can reshape our streets and relationship to cars:

This Is Our Chance to Reclaim Cities from Cars:

The power of reforming streets to boost access for human-scaled vehicles:

VIEWPOINT: Accelerating reform to govern streets in support of human-scaled accessibility:

Viewpoint: Visioning transport futures through windows of opportunity: changing streets and human-scaled networks:

Streets Are Arable Lands Lying Fallow:

Can street-focused emergency response measures trigger a transition to new transport systems?

Amazing Places #43 Who leashed the dogs up? w/ Judy Brownoff

Episode 43 of Amazing Places! There’s been a lot of barking in the District of Saanich recently. As Council considers changes to off-leash rules for dogs in parks, there’s concern it’s happening without consultation. This week Saanich Councillor Judy Brownoff joins the podcast to discuss a temporary off-leash pilot, a motion to leash-ups dogs in three Saanich parks, and we even talk about food trucks!