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Amazing Places #31 Farm or wetland preserve? Can Panama Flats be both? w/ Linda Geggie and Hollis Hodson

Episode 31 of Amazing Places! This week we talk about the future of Saanich’s Panama Flats. Neighbours want to see the land turned into a wetland preserve. Others want to see the land used for food production. Is there a chance that Panama Flats can be both? My guests this week are Linda Geggie of the Capital Region Food and Agricultural Initiatives Roundtable and Hollis Hodson, President of the Residents Association of Strawberry Vale, Marigold and Glanford.

Amazing Places #30 Is building height a big deal? w/ Matt Dell and Thomas Guerrero

Episode 30 of Amazing Places! What’s the big deal about building height? This week Matt Dell and Thomas Guerrero join the podcast to discuss development downtown Victoria and in our residential neighbourhoods. Matt Dell is the host of Best Coast Political Podcast. Thomas Guerrero is the author of Sidewalking Victoria.

Amazing Places #29 Livable roads for rural Saanich w/ Pam Harrison and Sarah Furmento

Episode 29 of Amazing Places! The rural parts of our community offer a quiet charm that’s so unlike the busy urban core. But for area residents, more needs to be done to address the speed and volume of traffic that detracts from their quality of life. This week, Pam Harrison and Sarah Furmento from the group Livable Roads for Rural Saanich join the podcast to discuss the traffic calming interventions they want to see for their neighbourhood.

Amazing Places #28 Healthy planet, Healthy people w/ Dr. Trevor Hancock

Episode 28 of Amazing Places! We’re living well beyond the capacity for our one planet to support us. How do we begin to turn the ship toward one planet living? This week, Dr. Trevor Hancock joins us to talk about his Conversations for a One Planet Region and creating connections for a healthier population. 
Find out more about Conversations for a One Planet Region here:

Amazing Places #27 Connecting with nature w/ Suzanne Samborski and Eva Riccius

Episode 27 of Amazing Places! This week, we’re talking about finding happiness in our natural environments. Suzanne Samborski, Director of Saanich’s Parks, Recreation and Community Services, and Eva Riccius, Saanich’s Parks Manager join the podcast to talk about the benefits to our health and well-being that Saanich’s 170 special spaces have to offer.

Amazing Places #26 Victoria’s tiny homes & slow streets w/ Jeremy Loveday

Episode 26 of Amazing Places! This week Victoria City Councillor and CRD Director Jeremy Loveday joins the podcast. 2021 is off to a busy start in the City of Victoria. We discuss creating transition housing for some of Victoria’s homeless population and a 30km/h speed limit pilot for Victoria’s neighbourhood streets.

Amazing Places #25 Pulling together for the Pandemic recovery w/ Maja Tait

Episode 25 of Amazing Places! This week Sooke Mayor and Union of BC Municipalities Past President Maja Tait joins the podcast. How do communities prepare for the year ahead? We discuss working with senior governments and communities across the province to shore up municipal programs and services during the challenging year ahead, and what do residents expect from their governments in a post-pandemic world?

Amazing Places #24 What the New Year brings w/ Judy Brownoff

Episode 24 of Amazing Places! This week Saanich Councillor Judy Brownoff joins the podcast to talk about what 2021 could bring. We cover the gamut with discussions about active transportation, climate change, age-friendly communities, parking requirements and meeting the growing need for housing in Saanich.

Amazing Places #23 Creating connections w/ Dr. Teale Phelps Bondaroff

Episode 23 of Amazing Places! This week Dr. Teale Phelps Bondaroff returns to the podcast to discuss loneliness. This holiday season is going to be different than years past. For those who live alone, it could feel very lonely. Teale and I discuss the effects of loneliness and isolation and things that communities, governments and NGOs can do to help rebuild networks to connect us.

Amazing Places #22 Speaking with a Collective Voice w/ Colin Plant

Episode 22 of Amazing Places! This week, CRD Board Chair and 2-term Saanich Councillor, Colin Plant joins the podcast. We discuss the region’s approach to climate change, transportation and pandemic response and recovery.