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Amazing Places #36 Supporting our local businesses w/ Katrina Dwulit and Jeff Bray

Episode 36 of Amazing Places! We’re in Wave Three of the pandemic. This week’s provincial health orders are meant to keep us safe but are making it hard for our favourite local businesses to stay open. What can we do to support local businesses? Katrina Dwulit, founder and ED of the Esquimalt Farmers Market and Jeff Bray, ED of the Downtown Victoria Business Association are my guests this week.

Amazing Places Promo: Amazing Places Live! A panel discussion on housing

Join us for a special Live episode of Amazing Places on April 14! Our podcast panel discussion is all about housing (missing middle, infill, etc). Our panelists:

Rebecca Mersereau, Saanich Councillor

Julian West, Urban Thrive Developments

Christine Lintott, Christine Lintott Architects

Matt Dell, President, South Jubilee Neighbourhood Association

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Check out the live event details here:

Amazing Places #35 Better Mobility Saanich w/ Elise Cote & Sarah Frumento

Episode 35 of Amazing Places! This week we introduce the new advocacy group, Better Mobility Saanich. Elise Cote, Sarah Frumento and I are founding members of this group, dedicated to advocating for road safety improvements for all road users. We discuss our activities to successfully persuade Saanich Council to revise its Neighbourhood Speed Limit pilot to 30k/h from 40k/h.
You can join Better Mobility Saanich:

Amazing Places #34 Eliminating racial discrimination w/ Sharmarke Dubow

Episode 34 of Amazing Places! This week we acknowledge the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on March 21. My guest is first-term Victoria City Councillor Sharmarke Dubow. Sharmarke shares his own experience as a refugee in Canada and the the racial discrimination he’s encountered as an elected official. We discuss the power of empathy and the work for us all to call out discrimination and raise up the voices of the vulnerable and underrepresented.

Amazing Places #32 Creating access to nature w/ Tim Cormode

Episode 32 of Amazing Places! This week, Power to Be CEO and Founder Tim Cormode stops by the podcast to talk about why it’s important to give everyone the chance to explore and enjoy nature. Power to Be creates access to nature for youth, families and adults living with cognitive, physical, financial, and social barriers.

Check out Power to Be:

Amazing Places #31 Farm or wetland preserve? Can Panama Flats be both? w/ Linda Geggie and Hollis Hodson

Episode 31 of Amazing Places! This week we talk about the future of Saanich’s Panama Flats. Neighbours want to see the land turned into a wetland preserve. Others want to see the land used for food production. Is there a chance that Panama Flats can be both? My guests this week are Linda Geggie of the Capital Region Food and Agricultural Initiatives Roundtable and Hollis Hodson, President of the Residents Association of Strawberry Vale, Marigold and Glanford.

Amazing Places #30 Is building height a big deal? w/ Matt Dell and Thomas Guerrero

Episode 30 of Amazing Places! What’s the big deal about building height? This week Matt Dell and Thomas Guerrero join the podcast to discuss development downtown Victoria and in our residential neighbourhoods. Matt Dell is the host of Best Coast Political Podcast. Thomas Guerrero is the author of Sidewalking Victoria.

Amazing Places #29 Livable roads for rural Saanich w/ Pam Harrison and Sarah Furmento

Episode 29 of Amazing Places! The rural parts of our community offer a quiet charm that’s so unlike the busy urban core. But for area residents, more needs to be done to address the speed and volume of traffic that detracts from their quality of life. This week, Pam Harrison and Sarah Furmento from the group Livable Roads for Rural Saanich join the podcast to discuss the traffic calming interventions they want to see for their neighbourhood.

Amazing Places #28 Healthy planet, Healthy people w/ Dr. Trevor Hancock

Episode 28 of Amazing Places! We’re living well beyond the capacity for our one planet to support us. How do we begin to turn the ship toward one planet living? This week, Dr. Trevor Hancock joins us to talk about his Conversations for a One Planet Region and creating connections for a healthier population. 
Find out more about Conversations for a One Planet Region here: