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Amazing Places #26 Victoria’s tiny homes & slow streets w/ Jeremy Loveday

Episode 26 of Amazing Places! This week Victoria City Councillor and CRD Director Jeremy Loveday joins the podcast. 2021 is off to a busy start in the City of Victoria. We discuss creating transition housing for some of Victoria’s homeless population and a 30km/h speed limit pilot for Victoria’s neighbourhood streets.

Amazing Places #25 Pulling together for the Pandemic recovery w/ Maja Tait

Episode 25 of Amazing Places! This week Sooke Mayor and Union of BC Municipalities Past President Maja Tait joins the podcast. How do communities prepare for the year ahead? We discuss working with senior governments and communities across the province to shore up municipal programs and services during the challenging year ahead, and what do residents expect from their governments in a post-pandemic world?

Amazing Places #24 What the New Year brings w/ Judy Brownoff

Episode 24 of Amazing Places! This week Saanich Councillor Judy Brownoff joins the podcast to talk about what 2021 could bring. We cover the gamut with discussions about active transportation, climate change, age-friendly communities, parking requirements and meeting the growing need for housing in Saanich.

Amazing Places #23 Creating connections w/ Dr. Teale Phelps Bondaroff

Episode 23 of Amazing Places! This week Dr. Teale Phelps Bondaroff returns to the podcast to discuss loneliness. This holiday season is going to be different than years past. For those who live alone, it could feel very lonely. Teale and I discuss the effects of loneliness and isolation and things that communities, governments and NGOs can do to help rebuild networks to connect us.

Amazing Places #22 Speaking with a Collective Voice w/ Colin Plant

Episode 22 of Amazing Places! This week, CRD Board Chair and 2-term Saanich Councillor, Colin Plant joins the podcast. We discuss the region’s approach to climate change, transportation and pandemic response and recovery.

Amazing Places #21 Unleashing the City’s potential w/ Lisa Helps

Episode 21 of Amazing Places! City of Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps joins us this week. Mayor Helps says it’s the job of city governments to create places where people feel like they belong. We talk about active transportation, creating well-being, pandemic patios, downtown holiday shopping and becoming a 21st Century city.

Amazing Places #20 Building compact, mixed-use communities w/ Luke Mari, Julian West and Ryan Jabs

Episode 20 of Amazing Places! This week, we talk to the builders in our communities. Community leaders espouse car-free, transit and active transporation-oriented development. What are the barriers to making it happen in our urban and suburban centres? Luke Mari, Aryze Developments; Julian West, Urban Thrive; and Ryan Jabs, Lapis Homes join the podcast to talk about building compact, mixed-used communities that’s geared toward sustainable mobility options like transit and active transportation. 

#19 Buying local this holiday season w/ Jeff Bray, Caitlynn Neal & Katrina Dwulit

Episode 19 of Amazing Places! The holidays season is nearly upon us. This year, things look quite different for our holiday plans. What can we do to support local businesses for the holidays? This week my guests are Jeff Bray, Exec Director of the Downtown Victoria Business Association; Caitlynn Neal, Founder of the YYJ Craft Crawl; and Katrina Dwulit, coordinator of the Market Collective by Shi Studio.

Check out the YYJ Craft Crawl:

Market Collective by Shi Studio:

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#18 Cycling in our cities w/ Ray Straatsma and Corey Burger

Episode 18 of Amazing Places! This week, Ray Straatsma and Corey Burger, two prominent local cycling advocates, join us to discuss Greater Victoria’s growing cycling network and why creating safe spaces for cyclists to ride is crucial to our commuting future. Ray Straatsma is a Board Director of the BC Cycling Coalition. Corey Burger is Policy and Infrastructure Chair of the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition.

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#17 High cost of free parking w/ Todd Litman

Episode 17 of Amazing Places! This week, Todd Litman, Executive Director of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute joins the podcast to talk about the hidden costs of free parking. There’s no such thing as free parking. Whether it’s the added construction costs of underground parking or the spot outside your house, parking costs add up.

Check out Todd’s work at the Victoria Transport Policy Institute

Cities for Everyone is a community organization that supports more affordable housing and transportation in order to provide security, mobility and opportunity for people with all incomes and abilities.

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